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Striking a Chord

I want to thank everyone for the reactions to the post on the importance of failure. If you look at the site, I’ve been blogging along, trying to put out a thoughtful piece about– well, as the thing says, wellness, … Continue reading

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Why I Love Sseko Designs (And You Should Too)

I normally don’t reblog, but this is a chance to help a cause I like– education, especially education for women in a developing country. I have not vetted the enterprise, so do homework if you want to get involved.

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The Importance of Failure

  If you’ve ever been around inspirational speakers, you may have heard them talking about the fact that many people who become millionaires go through one or more episodes of being broke. They failed, but they didn’t label themselves failures, nor … Continue reading

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I Can’t Cope!

How many times has someone said that to me! I know the feeling, too. We all have times when we feel like we can’t cope. Everything seems to be going wrong– relationships, work, health–  you name it. And to top everything … Continue reading

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There’s No such Thing as “Self-Sabotage”

A quick look around the web will find a plethora of articles, blog posts and helpful tips all about self-sabotage, but I want to suggest that there really is no such thing. This is a new idea for me, and … Continue reading

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