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Save That Relationship!

Just took a quick peek at a piece from and wanted to excerpt  my favorite part, as follows: So how do you increase understanding during conflict? Here are seven suggestions for how to think and act to do so. … Continue reading

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Attraction in Real Life

When I started this blog I wanted to limit myself to original content, but I haven’t been posting lately & sometimes an item from somewhere else is just too good not to pass on. NPR reported on computer dating versus … Continue reading

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Don’t ask why

Just a quick note– I really mean, don’t ask why. It’s not an answerable question. Instead turn it into one or more of the following types of questions: who, what, where, when, or how. Now it’s an answerable question. You … Continue reading

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Four Horsemen of the (relationship) Apocalypse

Some time ago I ran across a thing about Gottman’s ( predictors of divorce. It was very interesting to me because Dr. Gottman has been doing what he’s doing for a very long time. When I was in school many … Continue reading

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Learning How to Argue

Healthy boundaries help, but that’s not all it takes to keep a relationship healthy. You need to be able to fight fair, and you have to be able to argue successfully. There are a lot of possible ways to fight … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about our relationship (some more)

Let’s face it: sometimes things have gone from bad to worse. Do we just quit, find someone new & start over, or try to save this one? Tough judgment call. Here’s some food for thought from some other sources> reading

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A Simple Way to Help Any Discussion

This is so simple, you’ll laugh. But simple doesn’t mean easy. It’s something you can do without needing cooperation from the other person. You can do it whether it’s a friendly conversation or a vicious argument. Ready? Don’t interrupt. When … Continue reading

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