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Seeking Safety– You Are Not Alone

  Seeking Safety is a manual driven treatment for PTSD and addiction, developed by Dr. Lisa Najavits. It was originally designed for use with all female groups, but has since been used with a wide variety of different populations. Over … Continue reading

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Agency and Behavioral Health

Pretty dry sounding title, right? Well, sometimes things are just like that. But let me just make a short explanation. In this case, agency refers to the idea that a person is, or can be, an agent in life. An … Continue reading

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Cannabis News

Caught an article from NY Times on recent developments in cannabis research. It may surprise some people that smoking pot can be bad for you. But this article cites specific brain research on what parts of the brain are … Continue reading

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Fighting the stigma of addiction

Just ran across this in a discussion thread I was following. I like it very much.   FIVE THINGS YOU CAN DO TO FIGHT STIGMA We may not be able to change overnight the way society feels about people with … Continue reading

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