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Spiritual Atheists

If you follow the buzz in certain circles, you’ve been hearing about various psychotherapeutic practitioners getting on board the spirituality bandwagon. This is, in some ways, amusing. Carl Jung was all over the spiritual side of things from the beginning, … Continue reading

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Castle Crags State Park, California

  There’s a trail that leads up into the crags, and from there you can see Mt. Shasta. I’ll be in this general neighborhood for the next week. Everybody take good care of yourselves.

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A Simple Way to Help Any Discussion

This is so simple, you’ll laugh. But simple doesn’t mean easy. It’s something you can do without needing cooperation from the other person. You can do it whether it’s a friendly conversation or a vicious argument. Ready? Don’t interrupt. When … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About Our Relationship– Or Not

I hope any professional colleagues who might read this will afford me a moment of slightly lowered professional aplomb. I recently met with a couple who are trying to heal their relationship after a series of setbacks. Needless to say, … Continue reading

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