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Restraint, Asking for Help

I recently saw a post on social media representing nurses and pertaining to our newly-reinvigorated struggles for equality. “Friendly reminder that nurses have to restrain violent, confused, intoxicated and belligerent people all the time. And we make it happen without … Continue reading

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Respect the Trauma of Others

I have been in much the same emotional state as those reading, I expect. I’ll honestly admit– I did everything in my power to avoid the actual video of George Floyd being killed. But it was so prevalent that I … Continue reading

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Antidepressant Cow

To find out how antidepressant cow works, you will need to read the article linked below. While antidepressant cows will not necessarily work for everyone, the good news is that there are other things– multiple things– that will do the … Continue reading

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Many years ago when I was a college student, I went to visit a friend who lived in exurban Connecticut. My friend was the third of that name and was so called “Buddy,” the other names having been used on … Continue reading

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Managing Health Anxiety

I am staying home like everyone else, surfing media like everyone else, most of it either humorous (my choice) or useless (most news as usual). But I ran across an item from someone who was writing as a self-proclaimed “recovering … Continue reading

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