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Feelings About Feelings

Some time ago I noticed a common problem, or perhaps I should say problem about problems, that many clients shared– People would be down on themselves for being depressed, or angry with themselves about their anger problems, or would worry … Continue reading

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Self Pity versus Self Mourning

Just a quick thought & a question– what is the difference between feeling sad about something bad in your life, and feeling self-pity? This came up recently in a session, where a client worried about sinking into self-pity. this is … Continue reading

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Spiritual Atheists

If you follow the buzz in certain circles, you’ve been hearing about various psychotherapeutic practitioners getting on board the spirituality bandwagon. This is, in some ways, amusing. Carl Jung was all over the spiritual side of things from the beginning, … Continue reading

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I Am Not My Symptom

There’s a mantra for you. Whether it’s physical pain, depression, anxiety, or even something as simple as being at the back of a long line, it’s helpful to remember that the person experienced as I is separate and distinct from the contents … Continue reading

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There’s No such Thing as “Self-Sabotage”

A quick look around the web will find a plethora of articles, blog posts and helpful tips all about self-sabotage, but I want to suggest that there really is no such thing. This is a new idea for me, and … Continue reading

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Wordless Mindfulness is Bliss

And a clean desk ain’t bad either. He probably knows how to delegate– with an excellent sense of non-attachment.

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There but for the grace of God go I

Or if you are of the atheist persuasion, “There but for a twist of fate go I.” For my purposes right now, either way works fine. Just a quick meditation on compassion versus pity. When someone is giving or receiving … Continue reading

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