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Our Relationship Part IV

You’ve probably heard of active listening. Well, how often do we really use it? Rarely, because the communication process usually goes by a series of (usually accurate) leaps and guesses. But when the leaps start going off on tangents, and the … Continue reading

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Even If You Could Get a Sanity Transplant…

There would be a shortage of donors. I love doing group therapy. The things that groups come up with are so great. I’ll take some time at a later date to write about group therapy and its benefits, but one … Continue reading

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Drug kills your mental health before it kills your body

Originally posted on counselorssoapbox:
By David Joel Miller Cigarette SmokingPhoto courtesy of Flickr (Iqbal Osman1) Off all the drugs out there, legal or illegal one drug alone accounts for the bulk of the drug related deaths each year. That drug…

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Let’s Talk About Our Relationship– III

So we are continuing to figure out how to talk to each  other. Mind you, this is as simple as it seems– and it’s not, at the same time. Here’s why. When everyone is getting along fine, we give each other … Continue reading

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