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Feelings About Feelings

Some time ago I noticed a common problem, or perhaps I should say problem about problems, that many clients shared– People would be down on themselves for being depressed, or angry with themselves about their anger problems, or would worry … Continue reading

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Four Horsemen of the (relationship) Apocalypse

Some time ago I ran across a thing about Gottman’s (http://www.gottman.com/about-us-2/dr-john-gottman/) predictors of divorce. It was very interesting to me because Dr. Gottman has been doing what he’s doing for a very long time. When I was in school many … Continue reading

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Catch some Zzz’s

(image from kidspot.com.au) You may already have read much of this, but I just wanted to pass it on: http://americanaddictioncenters.org/wellness-fitness/trouble-sleep/ Sleep well!

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Play Music

¬†http://www.salon.com/2013/09/25/musicians_make_sharper_thinkers_partner/?source=newsletter Ever think it would be good to learn to play a musical instrument? You’re right. Neuroscience supports it, and it’s fun, and you can entertain your friends. ‘Nuff said. And it keeps you sane(r). I’d write more, but I’m … Continue reading

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“Behavioral” versus “mental” health

In the last post I talked about shorter term versus longer term therapy. The short term version is about fixing particular problems in coping as opposed to the longer term “inner voyage” kind of therapy. Perhaps considerations like this are … Continue reading

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Touchstones for Healing

I realized that the intro to the blog characterizes it as “wellness of mind, body, and whatever” but it’s been a lot of stuff about the process of therapy and sort of,”what is a therapist?” But if I’m going to … Continue reading

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