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Self Pity versus Self Mourning

Just a quick thought & a question– what is the difference between feeling sad about something bad in your life, and feeling self-pity? This came up recently in a session, where a client worried about sinking into self-pity. this is … Continue reading

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Luxury Problems? Compared to What?

People who have been exposed to the world of AA & other 12-step programs will be familiar with these phrases. Let’s focus on the first one first. Frequently, someone who is relatively new to recovery will start talking about how … Continue reading

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You Are Not Alone

One of the things I like about all the 12-step groups out there is that none of them (to the best of my knowledge) was ever started by a professional trying to help lay people. The grandaddy of all 12-step … Continue reading

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Are Some Recovery Programs Better Than Others?

I’ve frequently thought I should join Procrastinators Anonymous, but I never seem to be able to get started on that project. http://procrastinators-anonymous.org/ But whether you love or hate 12-step recovery, the beauty of all the 12 step/12 tradition programs is … Continue reading

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Recovery Choices

In the last post, I gave my burning building scenario of choice, which applies to lots of situations in life. All choices basically boil down to one of three kinds: 1) choices among possible good outcomes– do I want my … Continue reading

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