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Three Ways to Change

(Apologies to readers for the quick updates– it’s very hard to proofread one’s own work, and I spotted a couple of typos. Probably didn’t spot some others.) I have reflected on many occasions that the therapist’s job has a lot … Continue reading

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Mindfulness & cognitive therapy

One of the cognitive distortions that we’re encouraged to spot and re-think when using cognitive therapy techniques is the “should” statement– ” I should feel better,” “They shouldn’t treat me like that,” and others of that type. In rephrasing something, the goal … Continue reading

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What are people thinking, anyway?

A friend recently brought a study to my attention: http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2013/04/08/176575825/retrain-the-way-those-kids-interpreted-faces It reminds me of something a salesman I met had on one of his business cards. I don’t remember the saying exactly after all this time, but it was something … Continue reading

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