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Take Good Care of Yourself

  I have had a couple of things I have been working on, don’t have anything I feel ready to publish just yet, but ran across this from Center for Greater Good on how getting enough sleep is good for your … Continue reading

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Did You Plant Cotton?

Sooner or later,  people come to some issue where they may want to go it alone, but they need help. I sometimes confront people, but in a way I hope is gentle. I take hold of my shirt sleeve and … Continue reading

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Save That Relationship!

Just took a quick peek at a piece from https://greatergood.berkeley.edu/article/item/what_to_do_when_you_hate_the_one_you_love?utm_source=Greater+Good+Science+Center&utm_campaign=9536544767-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_07_12&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_5ae73e326e-9536544767-51254567 and wanted to excerpt  my favorite part, as follows: So how do you increase understanding during conflict? Here are seven suggestions for how to think and act to do so. … Continue reading

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Attraction in Real Life

When I started this blog I wanted to limit myself to original content, but I haven’t been posting lately & sometimes an item from somewhere else is just too good not to pass on. NPR reported on computer dating versus … Continue reading

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Four Horsemen of the (relationship) Apocalypse

Some time ago I ran across a thing about Gottman’s (http://www.gottman.com/about-us-2/dr-john-gottman/) predictors of divorce. It was very interesting to me because Dr. Gottman has been doing what he’s doing for a very long time. When I was in school many … Continue reading

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Staying Married

http://www.salon.com/2013/10/13/the_9_smartest_marriage_tips_ever/?source=newsletter I would suggest that the article also tells you how to treat someone you’re dating if you think you might want to marry them. The language is somewhat heterosexist, but I think the tips apply, for the most part, … Continue reading

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Loneliness– solutions

There actually some very practical solutions to the “loneliness problem. ” 1) Let go of idealized pictures of the relationship you don’t have. Many people, when they feel lonely, imagine a bond with a soul mate who deeply understands and completely … Continue reading

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