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Don’t ask why

Just a quick note– I really mean, don’t ask why. It’s not an answerable question. Instead turn it into one or more of the following types of questions: who, what, where, when, or how. Now it’s an answerable question. You … Continue reading

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Take Your Placebos- They’re Good for You

http://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2016/10/27/499475288/is-it-still-a-placebo-when-it-works-and-you-know-its-a-placebo I suggest using the following placebos, as needed: 1) Vitamin C supplements for colds, 500 mg every four to six hours; 2) Vitamin D supplements for depressed mood, 1000 units once a day (may be some clinical evidence in … Continue reading

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Self Pity versus Self Mourning

Just a quick thought & a question– what is the difference between feeling sad about something bad in your life, and feeling self-pity? This came up recently in a session, where a client worried about sinking into self-pity. this is … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

To those who’ve been so generous as to follow me, I apologize for being offline due to technical problems, as well as, quite frankly, having taken the holiday weekend COMPLETELY off, which I recommend for mental health reasons to anyone. … Continue reading

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Touchstones for Healing

I realized that the intro to the blog characterizes it as “wellness of mind, body, and whatever” but it’s been a lot of stuff about the process of therapy and sort of,”what is a therapist?” But if I’m going to … Continue reading

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