Cannabis News

Caught an article from NY Times on recent developments in cannabis research.

It may surprise some people that smoking pot can be bad for you. But this article cites specific brain research on what parts of the brain are affected.

I learned in my psychopharmacology of drugs of abuse class that the basic biology of drugs is that a) the body recognizes food, water, and poison. Everything from aspirin and, say, coumadin or crack go into the last group. b) Your typical drug has multiple effects on the body. The label “side effect” is just a value judgment as to which effects we want when we consume a substance, and which ones we want.

Taking drugs is a risk, whether it’s recreational drugs like alcohol or prescription drugs like quetiapine (seroquel). Be an informed risk taker.


About jamesmatter

Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) in private practice in San Francisco. I work with adults, adolescents, and couples, with focus on substance use and abuse and co-occurring disorders (having both a mental illness and an addiction).
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