Addiction myths can kill

I forget when I originally saw this, but I put in a “memo to self” to put where others could see it:

For those of us who have worked in the addiction treatment field, whether as MD’s or talk therapists or case managers, the persistence of myths about addiction and its treatment have been frustrating. In addition to the five noted in Dr. Sack’s post, one of my favorites is “He/She didn’t want it enough” when someone relapses. And there are more.  But let me digress for a bit.

Did you even know that there is a medical specialty known as addiction medicine? Did you know that the AMA first acknowledged alcoholism as a disease in the 1950’s? Did you know that there is the American Society of Addiction Medicine, and its state equivalent, the California Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM and CSAM)?


About jamesmatter

Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) in private practice in San Francisco. I work with adults, adolescents, and couples, with focus on substance use and abuse and co-occurring disorders (having both a mental illness and an addiction).
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